Temporary Social Security Card

Your social security card is an essential part of your identity that is required for various activities in your life. In order to land a job, enroll in a college, or even open a checking account, you will need to provide a copy of your social security card in order to proceed. If you lost your social security card, or if your social security card was stolen, you will need to replace it as soon as possible. Replacing a social security card is very simple and takes no longer than 20 minutes to submit an application. Getting your replacement card in the mail, however, can take as long as 10 days.

If you are in need of a copy of your social security card urgently, a temporary SS card may be the best option in the interim. Replacing your social security card is free. The social security administration does not use any third-party vendor for card replacement, so anyone charging you to replace your card is being deceitful.

What is A Temporary Social Security Card?

If you are unable to wait the 10 days it takes for a replacement card to arrive, you can ask the SSA for a temporary Social Security card printout. These printouts have a validity of 30 days and are great for people who need to register in school, file for benefits or some other time-sensitive activity that requires a paper Social Security document.

The printout is a valid paper that states that you do own a social security number and that you have applied for a replacement card. Any entity that is requesting your paper social security card must accept the printout so long as the validity dates have not expired.

There are a lot of websites and agencies that offer information regarding obtaining a temporary Social Security card printout, but keep in mind that this is a free service. If anyone asks you for a filing fee or a fee for obtaining your temporary Social Security card printout, you should avoid them and check out the SSA website directly.

Can I Print Out a Temporary Social Security Card?

While replacement social security cards can be requested online in many states, the process and mailing of your new card can take up to 10 days. If you need a temporary card immediately, visiting an office in person is mandatory. Due to safety and security reasons, a temporary social security card can only be printed in a field office by the SSA. These cards hold a 30-day validity and should be destroyed once they are no longer valid.

Although there is no charge for requesting and obtaining a new paper social security card, there is a limit on the number of times it can be replaced. You may request a replacement social security card a maximum of three times in any one year, and ten times during the entirety of your life. In most cases, providing your actual number is sufficient, such as when you want to apply for a loan or open a credit card.

How to Obtain A Temporary Social Security Card

The process for applying for a temporary and a replacement Social Security card is the same. In fact, you are actually applying for a replacement, and simply getting printout stating that you have applied while you wait for your regular copy to be delivered in the mail. There are some things you will need to collect in order to apply for a replacement card and to get your temporary social security card printout.

Social Security Card Replacement Form

You can look online to download the social security replacement form, or you can visit a field office in person to request a form. Fill out the form completely and accurately. The wait time in the office may vary depending on the location or the time of day, but the actual visit with an SSA agent will be rather short.

Make sure that you have all of your documentation ready before you arrive. This means all of your identification documents, citizenship documents, and birth certificate if required.

Proof of Age & Identity

You will need to prove how old you are and that you are who you claim when you apply for a replacement social security card. You will need to have a valid driver’s license, a valid non-drivers ID, or a U.S. passport that is not expired. Proving your age is also easy - simply bring in your legal birth certificate, adoption decree or hospital birth record.

It is important that you bring the original documents or certified documents issued by the original agencies. The SSA is not able to accept photocopies or notarized copies of these documents when processing your application.

Documentation for Social Security

Brand new cards require an in-person application, but those requesting a replacement may apply online. However, if you need a temporary social security card printout, you also must go to an SSA office near you for your application.

For those that are not USA citizens, you will need to bring your relevant immigration documentation when requesting a replacement and a temporary social security card printout. For international students, extra documentation may be required.

Final Thoughts on Obtaining A Temporary Social Security Card

Anyone who has a valid social security number is able to apply and receive a replacement Social Security card. If you visit a field office in person, you can also request a temporary Social Security card printout that has a 30-day validity. Make sure to take a fully completed application in addition to your original documents when you visit the social security office in person.

This applies to citizens, immigrants, and international students alike. Your Social Security card is an important document that you should take care to safeguard. In the event that it is lost or stolen, it can be replaced, however, you should take measures to prevent the need, to begin with. Applications for Social Security cards can be processed online, however, a temporary Social Security card can only be issued in person.